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Hero Druid Firbolg

The firbolg Lorcan Forest, better known as Big Badger, is a druid part of a clan known as The Caretakers, tasked with protecting forests across the land.

Lorcan takes care of a grove, being the mediator between this ecosystem and civilisation. Most of the time it is a peacefull job, sending away the odd hunter that laid way too many traps, or convincing the foxes that Ol' Sally's farm chickens aren't the best choice of meal. But sometimes his charisma isn't enough to solve his problems, that is when folk learns why he is called the Big Badger.

Sculpted by: @jessferreirart

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NPC Human

Ol’ Sally Applebarn is a sweet old lady that lives in the middle of a forest, harvesting apples and other wild goods for a living. Sally is always welcoming travelers to her cottage and helping out how she can.

Sculpetd by: @galiza_art