How it Works
Subscribe to our service
It's a simple process! You will be charged in the moment of the subscription (it's a $10 fee), getting all the benefits available that the current month has to offer.
All the STLs will be linked to your account becoming immediately available to you.
At the start of next month you will be charged again for the same fee as long as you stay subscribed, and each month you will be getting new minis and adventures to print and explore!
*As you subscribe, you won't get any access to the past collections.
But you can still get them for $30 in our store. So make sure you don't miss our subscriptions and release dates!
What you get
Welcome Pack: 26 FREE miniatures when subscribing to our service for the first time. More details on the pack here!
Current Month Collection: Each month a new theme of miniatures with a minimum of 15 new STLs.
Supported: All miniature are supported in 32mm scale, heroes also in 75mm scale.
Alongside all the STLs, you will receive new adventures, custom characters sheets, and rule suggestions to upgrade your game.
Community access: Join our Discord Channel to chat with us and the other members, where we will discuss new ideas and ways to better develop your experience.
Loyalty Rewards: Get a special STL rewards with every 3 months of subscription. More details here!