Loyalty Rewards
What are Loyalty Rewards??
These rewards are a way for us to thank you for all the support that makes this dream possible.
These rewards will have some conditions to be earned.
How can I be worthy of such wonders?
The rules are simple, every month you are subscribed or every legacy package you bought, will award you with ONE LOYALTY TOKEN and ONE WONDROUS SHARD. Loyalty Tokens can also be acquired as rewards on contests or giveaways. Stay tuned to our social media outlets to participate. You can exchange these tokens for Loyalty Artifacts.
Exclusive Rewards
Every 3 months we will be releasing at least 1 new Loyalty Artifacts for you to pick from.
You can exchange 3 legacy tokens for any ONE of the legacy exclusive miniatures released so far.
These STLs are exclusive to the loyalty rewards program and can only be aquired through it.
One year Bonus!
When you achieve 12 Wonderous Shards, you can exchange them for one extra pick at our exclusive minis and A Wondrous Artifact.
This Wondrous Artifact is a commemorative mini that will be released every 12 months as a thank you for all our supporters. For more information on this subject, please refer to the FAQ.
Available Rewards