Here are some of the most frequent questions
What does Artificers subscription deliver?
You will receive the Welcome Pack and the monthly featured pack of miniatures, each of these will have at least 15 new STLs, along with a short campaign with new monster stat blocks as well feats and magic weapons to inspire your games.
How often do I get access to the new collection?
As long you stay subscribed you will be getting a new collection every first day of the month.
When I subscribe, do I have access to the previous collections in addition to the current one?
No, when you subscribe you will receive the Welcome Pack and the featured month pack.
If you wish you can purchase our older packs for 30$ so you can complete your collection.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You need to be logged in your account, then access your account settings by clicking in your initials in the top right corner of the page.
There, under the subscription settings section there is a "UNSUBSCRIBE" button, click it then select the appropriate reason and confirm it by clicking on "UNSUBSCRIBE" again.
Your subscription will be imediatily terminated.
How can I contact the support team?
You can click here, or click in the CONTACT button in the bottom right corner of the page or yet you can send an email directly to customerservice@artificersmini.com.
Is that service only for those who have a 3D Printer?
Essentially yes, we do not offer support for printing the miniatures, we work with a 100% digital product. But remember this product can only be used for personal purposes.
What's the most suitable 3D Printer to print your Minis?
Our minis are optimized to be printed in a resin printer for better results, for that measure all our supported files are tested in a resin 3D printer at the moment the Elegoo Mars 2.
We also provide the STLs without support so you can use them in other types of printers but we do not guarantee the results.
As a Subscriber: How do I get my files?
All the files you purchased are in the My Artifacts section.
Is there a community? Where I can join?
If you are a subscriber you have already received the invitation by email. If that’s not the case just contact us here.
If I get my subscription canceled, will I still be able to print my minis?
Yes, you will always have access to the STLs you have acquired.
What about my billing date? Can I change it?
Your billing will be set on the first day of each month together with a new set of minis. The billing date cannot be changed.
How can I get Loyalty Tokens?
- Every time you sign up for our subscription service you get 1 Loyalty Token
- Every time you renew your subscription service you get 1 Loyalty Token
- Every time you buy a legacy pack you get a Loyalty Token
- Loyalty Tokens can also be acquired as rewards on contests or giveaways. Stay tuned to our social media outlets to participate.
How can I get Wonderous Tokens?
These special tokens are distributed to users in shards. You need 12 shards to gain a Wonderous Token. You get Wonderous Shards when you:
- sign up for our subscription service
- renew your subscription service
- buy a legacy pack