Do you like to play tabletop RPG and collect miniatures?

So come have an unique experience with the miniatures and extra content produced by us

40+ Miniature files for $10 only this month

We provide a subscription system where each month you will get at least 15 new miniatures files.

In each pack you will find Heroes, Monsters, Scenary and when applicable NPC's as well.

All files are suported and print tested in 32mm and the heroes also get a 75mm version thats easier to paint.

On your first subscription you will also receive the Welcome Pack with its 25 minis for free.

Beyond the Dark Star
Subscription Purchase - $10/month
What you will get
Welcome Pack
Heroes (7) NPC (4) Scenery (12) Enemies (4)
Beyond the Dark Star
Heroes (3) Enemies (4) NPC (2) Scenery (6)

Besides the described above you will receive a new pack of at least 15 STL miniatures each month you remain subscribed


Supported and print tested pieces

Free Welcome Pack on 1st subscription

Welcome Pack
Heroes (7) NPC (4) Scenery (12) Enemies (4)

Campaign manual, character sheets, maps and more...

Know what our subs say about our packs
João Constancio
Painting the Minis is a pleasure, the creativity of the models and their poses helps a lot. The details and textures are already there I just had to put the ink on it.
Subscribed at 03/10/2022
Gabriel Barbejat
I'm having so much fun painting these dinos. Great Work!
Subscribed at 9/11/2022
I honestly really like the product! I'm surprised you guys are still small!
Subscribed at 10/09/2022

Francisco (CEO) and Gabriel (Art Director) have been playing RPG and War games for more than 10 years now, and one aspect of the game they really loved were the board set up and the miniatures.

When they realized that the 3D printers were getting more economically viable they decided to print and paint their own models. From these experiences they got the idea of combining their player point of view and expertise to develop unique full fledged campaigns.

These experience is what the company Artificers Minis aims to provide to its community, a full fledged experience, with illustrated character sheets, campaign manuals, character miniatures back stories and more.

Join the community and help us improve even more our experiences with tabletop RPG's and miniature collection.

CEO - Francisco Rodrigues

Art Director - Gabriel Sartori

CTO - Pedro Ivo Rodrigues

Sculptor - Leticia Souza Tomazini

Sculptor - Leon Ravi Witkowski Franciatto

Sculptor - Elvis Aron De Ornellas

Sculptor - Brunno Ferraz Quartarone


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